At iChinaCo, we research and verify the legitimacy of Chinese businesses (trading companies, suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and factories), connecting you with trusted and reputable firms in China.

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Let's face it...

It's risky searching for a firm in another country to manufacture and deliver a product to you. Language and poor information regarding the country's laws and regulations are two big barriers. However, the real risk is lack of knowledge of the firm or individual you're considering to hire. What do you really know about their reputations, history, or ethical nature? That's where iChinaCo can help!

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Our mission

... is to help English-speaking companies thoroughly vet Chinese businesses and the individuals representing them. Ultimately, we help firms make educated business decisions to positively impact their bottomline.

Getting started is simple

You provide to us a copy of the front and back of a Chinese business card. With that bit of information, we are able to fully investigate firm and individual. Within days you have a comprehensive report with an accurate picture of the company -- what they actually are (a manufacturer vs. a trading partner), what they are actually licensed to manufacture, their reputation (lawsuits) and so much more.

How does iChinaCo provide such accurate reports?

We have Chinese nationals working for us in China. Because they are citizens, they have access to research tools only afforded to Chinese subjects.

What risks do we help you avoid?

So you may be wondering, "That's great, but how can iChinaCo really help?" Well, check out these stories below to learn how doing your research with iChinaCo before agreeing to work with a Chinese firm can save you lots of time, money and heartache.

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