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iChinaCo.com is in the business of gathering information on Chinese registered companies. Formatting and translating the information in an easy to read English report at very reasonable fees.

How We Gather Our Information

The information used for iChinaCo.com reports is derived from a third party that gathers all their information from Chinese Government websites and databases. iChinacCo.com itself does not control, edit or modify the contents of the information third party websites or its affiliations, only the information on the relevant website is displayed and China intellectual property Check translated. Authenticity, completeness, timeliness and accuracy is not warranted. Any loss caused by the use of the content or information provided by iChinaCo.com and any third party or the reference to the content or information is at your own risk. In addition, the reports we provide are based on the corresponding conclusions of the known data China company check comprehensive analysis are only for your decision-making, and we are not responsible for any of your conclusions, decisions or consequences arising from your use of iChinaCo.com report(s). The only manipulation iChinaCo does is translate from Chinese to English to the Chinese company register information best of its abilities. We take great care to ensure the accuracy of the information and translations.

iChinaCo.com has not audited, investigated or warrants the financial status of the products/services provided by the investigated company, iChinaCo.com is not endorsing or coming to any conclusions what so ever on any investigated company.

The report(s) are only prepared for the client purchasing the report and is not to be sold or manipulated in any way.

Please use our reports as one of the many tools you use to make sound business decisions.

Any questions please email us at info@ichinaco.com.

The report cost is not refundable for any reason unless we cannot produce a report.

Thank you for relying on iChinaCo.com

Shipping (Daisy), David and the iChinaCo.com team.

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